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Diverse Window Shutter Styles in London: Interior Elegance for Every Home

Shutter Styles

At Interior Window Shutters, we have a shutter style to suit every window of every shape and size. Whether you have traditional sash, modern UPVC or an unconventional shaped window, we expertly advise you on the best style options for you and your requirements, which is all part of our expert design service.

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stylish shutter in london

Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows are our specialty, we love to enhance these grand feature windows to become the focal point of a room.

shutters blind designs
window shutters

Shutters are great paired with bay windows. They perfectly complement the architectural features of the window whilst offering the ultimate balance for light and privacy control. Curtains and blinds offer only limited control, whereas shutters are the perfect, versatile option.

window shutters blind designs in london

Café style

These shutters cover the lower part of the window for privacy, while the top part is left exposed for optimum natural light.

stylish window shutter blinds
stylish interior window shutters

The design of Café Style Shutters originates from cafes in France. The diners wanted to eat while having a degree of privacy allowing them to view the outside world. They are a popular choice for sash windows and can be paired with curtains.

Full height

This style is a timeless classic and looks great for any window type. This is our most popular option due to its simplicity as it creates a minimal look.

shutter styles in london
Window Shutter London- Quality Finishing

Full Height Shutters are versatile as they can be used to cover any window or doorway. They add style and elegance to the room and help in controlling light, temperature and privacy. Adding a mid-rail makes full height shutters a great alternative to Tier-on-Tier.


shaped window shutters

These are uniquely designed to fit specially designed windows, where the shape would otherwise be hidden by curtains or blinds.

we can customize the shutter as per the shape
providing customized shaped shutters in london

Custom shaped shutters are the only made to measure window covering that will perfectly fit any shape or awkward window; transforming it into a stunning feature. Ideal for round windows, gable ends and any possible shape.


Add a sense of Victorian style and glamour with our solid shutters. A popular option for those wanting ultimate insulation with shutters.

Solid shutters do not have slats or louvres making them a unique shutter style. Due to their traditional appearance, they are popular for customers wanting to preserve period architecture and are best paired with sash windows.


Tier-on-Tier Shutters cover the whole height of the window. Top and bottom panels can fold separately, for varying light control and privacy.

tier on tier shutters

Similar to stable doors, Tier-on-Tier shutters offer a separate top tier that opens independently from the bottom. This gives the added benefit of increasing light into a room by having the top tier open, whilst maintaining privacy by leaving the bottom tier closed.


Tracked shutters offer all the benefits of full height shutters but with an added track system, enabling them to span large spaces.

stylish designs of window shutter in london

These are simply full height shutters that are supported by a specialised track system.
They are great for large windows and doors, where additional support is critical to the structural durability. With the addition of the track, the shutters can be as wide as required.

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